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MBT Store The Hague

In The Hague, you find the largest collection of MBT shoes in The Netherlands.

The large variety and the knowledge about MBT which has been established during the years form the foundation and the strength of the success of MBT-store The Hague. Our store has been furnished and laid out in such a way that you can enjoy taking a look at our shoes and try them on at your leisure. While you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, you can ask our experienced staff any questions you may still have after reading the information offered at our webpage.

MBT technology
  1. Shaped polyurethane insole

    The PU insole designed by BASF offers great comfort.

  2. Multifunctional midsole

    The midsole and the shank, especially developed by MBT, from a unified whole. Made from TPU, the midsole offers differences in firmness: torsional stiffness in the hind foot while it is supple and flexible in the forefoot.

  3. Midsole with integrated Balance Point

    The heart of the sole technology lies in the middle of the midsole, right at the highest point of the sole where the ultra-soft part of the Masai Sensor becomes the harder midsole. The Balance Point ensures that you are never completely stationary, but that your remain active with a straight and symmetrical posture supported on two legs. It also ensures that every step unrolls fluently and evenly. And all of that with hardly any effort on your part.

  4. Masai Sensor®

    The ultra-soft Masai Sensor is responsible for the wonderful, super soft feeling when you put your foot down as you walk. It feels as if with every step you take, you are walking down the beach on a beautiful, warm, sunny summer’s day.

  5. Outer sole

    This sole is made from high-quality rubber which is supple yet hardwearing. It does not leave black stripes on smooth floors, while it is especially developed to maintain a grip on diverse surfaces.