Sports - MBT during the work-out

MBT shoes are perfect for when you want to improve your posture or your skills in various sports. MBT is the perfect shoe to wear before or after the work-out. MBT shoes simulate an instable, soft surface, which you can compare to sand or grass. The shape which a soft surface adopts under pressure of a foot has been the blueprint for the shape of an MBT shoe. This makes that every step you take in MBT shoes feel like walking on soft sand. Moreover, a soft surface is unstable, which is also the experience which an MBT shoe offers. Muscles respond to this instability by making the body seek its balance again. The body is again in perfect balance when the joints and vertebrae align when they are at ease. Through instability, MBT shoes stimulate the body to stand straight, relieving the less flexible bones and joints and let the flexible muscles do the work. Because each muscle, regardless of size, is activated to create a straight and healthy posture, walking in MBT shoes is like a work-out. Each steps activates the muscles before releasing the tension again. This likens the MBT shoe to a training device, every time you put them on. (In the following video, Duco Bauwens will tell you more about MBT shoes.)