MBT Running - product experience of MR Coenen

Hi, a while ago I've bought two pairs of MBT running shoes Zee16, one blue for Belgium and one "orange" for the Netherlands. I've promised to keep you informed on how I experience your products. I stopped running around 4 to 5 years ago due to recurring knee problems, that eventually prevented me from jogging. Even light jogging was to much. I finally started running again with my new MBT running shoes and it's going very well. So far I have been running every week (once or twice a week), I started with running 5 km and slowly gradually increasing it to 11 km run. At the end my joints were soar but not to the extend of having me stranded. What can I say, I'm very pleased with your product, and I am grateful that MBT have released these shoes. They've made me feel alive again!

MR. JP Coenen