Walking Comfortably - MBT, for walking comfortably

Because of the rounded shape of an MBT shoe, you are forced to create a smooth unrolling of the foot from heel to toe. The Sensor, absorbs the shock upon impact with the surface, protecting the heel. In this way, the first touchdown on the hard surface is softened instantly. While a second point of impact with the hard surface occurs in normal shoes, MBT’s rounded shape ensures a fluent motion from heel to forefoot. MBT does not only make walking more comfortable, but it also offers a healthy solution by training the body to walk naturally. Walking on a hard surface has never been so comfortable and healthy before!

Good, sturdy shoes are necessary in order to walk a long way. And what is greater than being able to walk comfortable, almost automatically? Walking in MBT shoes in walking in a natural manner. The heel Sensor is a shock-absorbing material which ensures that every step is soft a gentle. The unrolling of the foot is made easier by the rounded sole construction so that you do not even notice that hard surface anymore, step by step.