Historie MBT-store

History and Information

In The Hague, you find the largest collection of MBT shoes in The Netherlands. 

It is a known fact that you can find history anywhere in a city like The Hague. But did you also know that the brand MBT also has a historical bond with this beautiful city?  

At the beginning of this century, the Zuiderpark Pharmacy in The Hague was the first Dutch physical selling point for shoes with the patented rounded sole from MBT. This patented innovation by Swiss engineer Karl Muller was suggested to the pharmacist by a physiotherapist and an occupational health expert. The first MBT sandals were purchased and given to several pharmacy assistents with the intention to try them out. The results were so surprisingly positive, that the pharmacy decided to sell these shoes in their pharmacy shop as well.

This resulted in the Zuiderpark Pharmacy to become the first ‘shop’ in The Netherlands which sold MBT shoes from stock. On top of this, the pharmacy, together with the MBT-academy, organised monthly evening sessions to give people who were interested in the healthy advantages that come with walking and standing in MBT shoes the opportunity to learn more about MBT shoes, supervised by coaches from the MBT-academy. What started with a single shelf of MBT shoes in this large city pharmacy, become in the span of merely a few years a shop-in-shop with the largest collection of MBT shoes in The Hague and the surrounding areas.

In the summer of 2014, this shop-in-shop has moved from the pharmacy to a nearby building. This has now become MBT-store The Hague, based at Zuiderparklaan 216.

The large variety and the knowledge about MBT which has been established during the years form the foundation and the strength of the success of MBT-store The Hague. Our store has been furnished and laid out in such a way that you can enjoy taking a look at our shoes and try them on at your leisure. While you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, you can ask our experienced staff any questions you may still have after reading the information offered at our webpage.