MBT Index - The Levels

MBT index - Activate

The MBT designs from the Activate Series are ideal for a first introduction to the shoes of MBT. If you want to get rid of your ordinary shoes and you want to find out what it means to wear MBT shoes, the shoes from the Activate series are perfect for you. The benefit of the Activate shoes is that these shoes make it easier to stand still. The slope of the sole is a little less defined than MBT shoes from different series, which helps you to find your balance. At the same time, the rounded sole still improves the unrolling of the foot during walking. The MBT Sensor’s shock absorbing quality is the same in any MBT shoe, regardless of the MBT index. Do you walk less than you stand still, and you still want the comfort that MBT has to offer because you have a standing profession, for instance behind the counter or in at a production line in a factory, then the MBT index Activate will meet your requirements.

MBT index - Dynamic 

The MBT designs from the Dynamic Series are suitable for any situation. Both fervent walkers and people with standing professions choose the MBT shoes from the Dynamic series. The shoes from these series are characterised by their sole which is more rounded than the shoes from the Activate series, which demands more muscle activity to keep the body balanced. This results in a more active posture which enlarges the benefits from MBT, such as the reduction of pressure on the lower back. The rounded sole also ensures a better unrolling of the foot and a better distribution of the pressure on the soles of your feet. Because of these benefits, the MBT index Dynamic is the perfect balance between easily standing still and a perfect unrolling while walking.

MBT index - Performance

The highest level of instability among the MBT shoes: the Performance Series. Shoes which carry this index are suited for an experienced MBT walker and can be regarded as the supreme MBT sensation. The shoes from the Performance series are characterised by well-rounded soles, which continually force the body to find its balance. Although these shoes require a certain amount of practise, they also deliver the best results: a perfected distribution of pressure over the entire foot and a relief of the conventional pressure points of forefoot and heel. Because of this, the Performance shoes are especially appreciated by people who suffer from diverse foot problems. On top of that, these designs are perfect for people who wish to achieve a more active body posture..